Monday, March 12, 2018

Dune Bashing and Mirage Catching: A Day Out in Arabian Deserts

The things that you hear from the time of Arabian nights and Aladdin and his magic lamp, somethings stick to your mind forever. The deserts, the Arabic styled artifacts, the camels and the riches of the oriental culture.

It was time to live those for myself and see how it used to be in the olden times. We, a bunch of friends decided to step out and do some dune bashing in legendary Arabian deserts. Sure it was an adventure to do it but weren't sure of this terrain, so we decided to call up the people who does it more often. We called up Bhavesh (+971557153556), who runs a local desert safari in Dubai. 

Safaris in middle-east start late afternoon and goes until the dusk. We started from Dubai at 3 PM and it was an hour drive to Red dunes desert as they call it. Red sand offers a great dune bashing experience compared to other desert areas around UAE.  So this is what you need to ask for, if you are planning a desert safari of your own. 

First stop was at the minimart area where you get to see the fashion of Arabia, the Keffiyeh, and to try the quad-bike in the desert. 

After that, it was time to hit the sands with some badass driving skills of our dearest driver of the day, Khan saab. He was a real badass cos he was a part of Fast and Furious Crew that shot in Abu dhabi during their last release of F&F 7 and his skills proved when he was bashing the dunes and cheating the mirages of sand in style 

We took some amazing pictures in the middle of desert and then it was time to head back to sunset point to enjoy the silence of dusk. 

After some action, it was the time to try the good food and native arabian sweets and savories. As we entered a beautifully lit quadrangle area, the whole scene was gearing up for some real action. We were busy exploring the hookah (Shisha pipe), the Arabic coffee, dates, and tea, and the opportunity to wear arabian outfit called the Thawb for men and Abaya for women, and get close to the falcons, Henna painting for ladies. 

If you have read about the beautiful women of Arabia, then you are absolutely right. Atleast, i have not seen such gorgeous women anywhere in the world. They are a class apart and i think they are a true example of beautiful and classy woman. 

Belly dancing proved this when an amazing looking woman started to grooving her belly to the native Arabic music notes. She was such an expert that she could belly dance with an actual iron sword on her head. That takes a lot of practice and i wouldn't dare it for life. 

The food was just about average and obviously so, because i am a vegetarian and i was clearly in a foreign land where meat forms the majority of the diet.  

We came back home at 10 PM and the drive was just amazing as you would have already imagined. I will let the pictures speak the rest of experiences that i had. Take a look.

Some information that can be handy before a safari like this

  1. The duration of the tour will be between 6 - 7 hours depending on traffic
  2. Pregnant women, dune bashing is not for you 
  3. Dry days: entertainment activities (belly dancing) and alcoholic drinks will not be available during the any Islamic days as per UAE Law
  4. Casual, loose fitting clothing is recommended in the summer, along with a jacket in the winter. Sports shoes are also recommended
  5. Best Months to do - November to February (Winter time)